We work closely with your children to enhance their horizons by exposing them to different possibilities. And by building leadership skills. ITAC believes in telling people who have stories of kids to people who have inspiring and motivating stories to tell. And What better way to do it than making them melt and hear from these personalities themselves.

How we work ?

2 meetings a month
( only on Sundays, as sundays should be be filled with excitement and fun)

1st meeting

Internal meeting wherein, ' kids meet eachother practice their leadership skills, through games and responsibilities

2nd meeting

Meet a guest speaker who inspire kids by talking about his / her life experiences and learnings.

All meeting

Will be of 2 hours and will be an organised and planned meeting.

Why do you need us?

  • To make your child meet different people from different fields
  • To make new friends
  • To build their confidence
  • To give them a safe learning and growing space
  • To to learn team-building

Core Team


Amrita Saluja

Child Psychologist

She is the pillar of strength for every child and parent. She is the powerhouse of energy and life -box for every person she meets.



Kids Activities Specialis

A mother of 2 and a woman who has some strange connection and love for kids. Kids with an attitude to go all-in she is an inspiration herself.


Anurag Agarwal

Financial Advisor

Who will support you and become your best friend in no time. He has the capacity and contacts to solve all your problems Message now to be part of your child's successful adulthood.

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